Sri Lanka……again

A bit from last year.

When I visited Sri Lanka last year, it’s news was still pretty much war, war and more war.

A few months later and it seems The war is apparently over. Probably a first for any country I’ve been to.

Anyway, In the next few days I’ll be trekking back into this Island nation to see whats changed.

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Comment as you see fit.

4 Responses to “Sri Lanka……again”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Hi Carl,

    Take care and have a blast!

    Tracey xo

  2. Carl Montgomery Says:

    Tracey Says: ….Take care and have a blast!….

    Considering the current peace is a bit tentative, I’m hopeing i dont have a “Blast”.

    I will take care though.


  3. Scott Says:

    Hi Carl,

    My thanks to you are for sharing your travels with us. I cannot foresee ever being able to travel as you have, so your efforts at documenting these trips is most appreciated. Please be careful, Scott

  4. Veronica Says:

    Hello! Have an amazing time and take care of yourself, hugs, Veronica.