South Africa (2005)

This African adventure started and ended in Jo’Burg

Started the adventure with a trip to the apartheid museum. No one leaves there with a smile on theire face.
Deciding to get a more real take on this, I then headed into the Soweto township where most of the violence happend that finally brought an end to Apartheid.
Must say it seems a lot has changed in the 11 years. people generally seem too please to see me. especially the children who some guy with a digital camera and are only too happy to pose for a photo. made the mistake of pulling out the video camera and turning the screen around so they could see what i was filming. Thus i now have loads of footage of kids with there face stuck about half an inch from the lens.

soweto01.jpg soweto02.jpg soweto03.jpg
soweto04.jpg soweto05.jpg soweto06.jpg
soweto07.jpg soweto08.jpg soweto09.jpg

And the trip ended in the usual celebratory drings before having to return to reality

Spent the evening at monte casino in Jo’burg which looks more like italy than africa. it’s a bit touristy and frightening. none the less i’me suitably tipsy and on my way back to OZ. I know there are friday night drinks so if they kick on can some one call me so i can join them. I land some time about 9pm onwards


ridiculas pis follow.

montecasino01.jpg montecasino02.jpg montecasino03.jpg