Botswana (2005)

Chobe River Botswana

Due to time shortages, the following pics never made it to the website while i was traveling. Which is a pitty since it was a real highlight
The chobe river is famous for huge heards of elephants and other wildlife. Some of the pictures from here are good but i’d recomend having a look at the video as well
The following is pics from a few hours river crusing on a big pontoon sort of vestle soaking up the scenery and a few refreshing beers.

choberiver01.jpg choberiver02.jpg choberiver03.jpg
choberiver04.jpg choberiver05.jpg choberiver06.jpg
choberiver07.jpg choberiver08.jpg choberiver09.jpg
choberiver10.jpg choberiver11.jpg choberiver12.jpg
choberiver13.jpg choberiver14.jpg choberiver15.jpg

Okavango Delta – Botswana – water, animals and free condoms

Crossed the border in to Botswana and was greeted with the suprising bonus of free condoms at the border post. they even have the the botswanan flag on them.

Interesting freebies aside, that is not the reson i’m here.

This is the Okavango delta, where the river spreads onto a huge oasis of water and wildlife.

In three days camping manged to managed to see just about any animal that goes near water. as well as damn near got charged by an elephant. That will learn me for letting fly with a smokers cough while trying to sneak up on an elephant.

The only thing that come close to a par with the above would be flying over said expance of water. Thus loads of photos of that as well.

The video of this and more is work a look as well

okavangodelta01.jpg okavangodelta02.jpg okavangodelta03.jpg
okavangodelta04.jpg okavangodelta05.jpg okavangodelta06.jpg
okavangodelta07.jpg okavangodelta08.jpg okavangodelta09.jpg
okavangodelta10.jpg okavangodelta11.jpg okavangodelta12.jpg
okavangodelta13.jpg okavangodelta14.jpg okavangodelta15.jpg
okavangodelta16.jpg okavangodelta17.jpg okavangodelta18.jpg
okavangodelta19.jpg okavangodelta20.jpg okavangodelta21.jpg
okavangodelta22.jpg okavangodelta23.jpg okavangodelta24.jpg
okavangodelta25.jpg okavangodelta26.jpg okavangodelta27.jpg
okavangodelta28.jpg okavangodelta29.jpg okavangodelta30.jpg
okavangodelta31.jpg okavangodelta32.jpg okavangodelta33.jpg
okavangodelta34.jpg okavangodelta35.jpg okavangodelta36.jpg