Argentina (2002)

March 2002

In true unplanned, haphazed style i visited Argentina with absolutly no idea what the hell i was doing. The only spanish i knew was from old Speedy Gonzolas cartoons. The phrase “loco in de capasa” was probably a good description of myself, but wasnt really going to help me get somewhere to stay, eat, fend of muggers etc.

To make matters more interesting, I landed in Buenos Aires in the midst of the Argentine economic crisis. Thus there was lots of rioting on the streets and general attack on varios government buildings. In true dumb adventurer style i did attempt to join a random protest chanting the only Spanish phrase i knew “Dios es negra, judia y lesbiana” which I had learned from some of the politiacal graffiti.
Took me months to work out what exactly i was saying

buenosaires01.jpg buenosaires02.jpg buenosaires03.jpg buenosaires04.jpg <

March 2002

In what was probably a wise move, I traveled north to Iguazu Falls. The pictures really tell the story here. If you ever go there ask me how i got so close to the falls as in some of the photo’s below. You can get that close with only a minimum of navigating past dangerous animals and criminal tresspass but it’s well worth it.

iguazu01.jpg iguazu02.jpg iguazu03.jpg iguazu04.jpg iguazu05.jpg iguazu06.jpg iguazu07.jpg