North-East Sri Lanka.

Where’d everybody go?

There’s not to many places I’ve been in the last few years I’d say I’d be happy go back to. There’s a first for everything. Now quietly enjoying the North-easter beaches of Sri Lanka. Anywhere else in the world and the long white beaches would be festooned with postcard sellers, drunken tourists, loads of sunburned bodies and kids pushing tourist crap. A War in it’s 25th year tends to drive all that away. The 2006 Tsunami that washed away much of Sri Lanka’s east coast doesn’t help matters either.
So there’s really nothing to do but sit on an empty beach, drink beer and slowly slip into a coma.
Makes it worth the chicken bus and the countless police and military road blocks it takes to get here.

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  4. Irinka Says:

    Оно того стоит.

  5. oppokyRaw Says:

    Блог хороший, много хорошего материалла..уж извините что не по теме поста, просто очень понравилось у вас. рад что наткнулся на ваш ресурс.