Cuba, Roadside propaganda.

As previously mentioned, Cuba’s roads are not overly endowed with signage or advertising. Instead there is a plentiful supply of communist propaganda. My favourite one in a sad sort of way (unfortunately didn’t get a photo) was an old and faded one that said “working for the revolution will bring us all riches” The sad part is of course the number of people who go past it each day, for years on end, in nothing more than a horse and cart still waiting for those riches to appear.
Second favourite has to be Raul Castro’s goofy face saying “In Guantanamo, Yes you can!” What Guantanamo can do is not clearly explained (update,Veronica, A regular reader clearly explains it).
Anyway, below is a selection of Cuba’s Roadside propaganda translated for the workers of this world. See if you’re convinced

Cubans will always be the crew of the Granma (That started the revolution) 54th anniversary of the Granma landing
[Che Guevara]
Your example of your ideas lives on
We want to be like Che, Fidel Castro
[Fidel Castro]
Here we have to throw stones without looking forward.
The flow of the people are your heroes.
We are champions in the battle of ideas.
Socialism, the Historical Tradition
[Fidel Castro]
Welcome to Guantanamo. The frontline trenches of anti-imperialism
[Raul Castro]
In Guantanamo, Yes you can!
Here the people defend the gains of the revolution.

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  1. Anna Veronica Says:

    Hey! in an answer to it’s not clear what Guantanamo can do, the actual use of “si se puede” is yes it can be done. It is a popular phrase our politicians use in Mexico as well and I hear from friends in other LA countries that it is used there as well. It is a generic term used to encompass every single problem a general area has with the idea that if you support that politician he or she will solve absolutely everything because it can be solved and present and past politicians are just idiots who couldn’t be bothered.Usually the end result is they aren’t able to solve them all either and so then the campaign slogan begins all over again with the next elections.

  2. Carl Montgomery Says:

    Anna Veronica Says:
    “the actual use of “si se puede” is yes it can be done”

    Thanks, Good to know polititions are the same all over…I think.
    Anyway, updated this post with a link to your comments.

  3. Carl Montgomery » Blog Archive » Driving in Cuba. Says:

    […] « Cuba – getting off the war torn track for a while. Cuba, Roadside propaganda. […]

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