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Colombo, Sri Lanka. less tense, hell of a lot more flags.

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
Open for the first time in decades.

Last time I was in Colombo, Sri Lanka was in the last stages of it’s 26 year civil war. If you somehow missed it, that war came to an end a few weeks ago. Since then Colombo has pretty much been in a constant state of party fueled by a sudden outbreak of nationalism. Whoever manufactures Sri Lankan flags is making out big time.

Hoped some of these would be taken down by now.

They’re stung over roads, stuck to trees, plastered on every car. Pretty much anywhere there is space a flag gets stuck on it. Beaches that were closed for decades for security reasons now have young couples strolling along them. Couples who have never seen this beach or a country without war. We’ll see how much this jubilation subsides as I travel into the more Tamil populated areas.

Sri Lanka……again

Monday, June 1st, 2009
A bit from last year.

When I visited Sri Lanka last year, it’s news was still pretty much war, war and more war.

A few months later and it seems The war is apparently over. Probably a first for any country I’ve been to.

Anyway, In the next few days I’ll be trekking back into this Island nation to see whats changed.

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