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Whoops. It’s Broken

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Oops. Looks like something stuffed up. More accurately, This site got hacked!
Slowly putting the mess back together but for the next few days a lot of links/videos/pics will be broken.
More spacifically the hacker was able to plant a Trojan due to a vulnerability in my blog software. Apparently about 3,780 others were in same boat as me

I apologise to the thousands of visitors who came past here and where getting virus warnings (or worse, getting viruses).
Anyway, all fixed now so it shouldn’t happen again


What the FAQ? Chernobyl questions answered.

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
Apparently this old reactor is still interesting 20 years on.

For the original Chernobyl post with video and pics go HERE
For the Chernobyl FAQ go HERE

When I first started this site a few years ago I never planned it to be any more than a dumping ground for photos. I never thought anyone other than a few friends and family, would ever come across this blog and take any interest.

That all changed when I visited Chernobyl and posted video both here on my site and on Youtube. Since then I’ve gotten a steady stream of questions ranging from “Are you nuts?” all the way to “How do I get to Chernobyl?” from random people off in internet land.

Thus in the spirit of being a good internet citizen, I’ve written a Chernobyl FAQ.

If there’s anything I failed to answer feel free to contact me.

Oktober Fest 06

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

As one would expect, a bunch of drunken photos.

The rest of the pics are HERE….

Next Adventure begins August 28, 2006

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006

Edit: this trip is now all done. the results of this rather odd expedition can be found in these posts. Or if you’re like most, you’ll want to jump stait into the Chernobyl highlight

This is a bit of a long winded concept.

Throughout my various travels I’ve been to a few places where it’s been generally advised not to go to for one reason or another. (Zimbabwe under the current Robert Mugabe regime, Argentina during the 2002 economic meltdown, Venezuela during the 2002 military coup or Egypt during the 1994 terrorist attacks to name a few). Without fail these haphazard adventures have turned out to be real highlights.

I occasionally cop some flack for this seemingly devil-may-care attitude to my travels. However, despite the sometimes nutty situations I’ve found myself in, I’ve never been; mugged, arrested, injured or caught any nasty diseases. Hell, I’ve never even had a childhood disease. After the years of doing this I don’t think I can just call it luck, I’m claiming good management.

Also, I’m fairly convinced at this point that the world isn’t nearly as crap as it’s made out to be in the popular media. It’s my opinion that even the worlds dodgy places can be well worth a visit.

In one sentence, the world really isn’t that bad and when it is, I’m perfectly able to handle it. At least that’s my theory and it’s a theory I’m willing to put to the test.

To this end, with the help of various online forums, I’ve come up with the following five generally Ill-advised travel destinations. I’ll hasten to add that the below is NOT my own opinion of these places, If anything I’m trying to debunk these ideas. This is merely how the these destinations are seen from a media standpoint (links to relevant articles are underlined below).
Like last time, this whole adventure will be played out right here on the web as it happens. If you’re interested enough feel free to signup to the newsletter in the side bar on the left.

Anyway, I give you the ill-advised world tour 2006

Screen grab Destination 1:
Bali, Indonesia.

Alleged issues:
Over touristy, Terrorist threats.

Quote from the Australian Government Travel advisory:

“We advise you to reconsider your need to travel to Indonesia, including Bali, due to the very high threat of terrorist attack”

Once a virtual Australian colony for drunken Australians to let their hair down, This tropical destination has lost it’s shine in recent years. Mainly due to numerous terrorist bombings and Australian citizens held on controversial Drug charges. The current possibility of foreigners being abducted and held for ransom doesn’t help its image either.
Okay, so this is an easy one and probably the closest I’m ever going to get to a “normal” holiday

Screen grab Destination 2:

Alleged issues:
Appalling Human rights record, generally boycotted by most official bodies

Quote from Lonely Planet travel guides:

“The decision to travel to Myanmar should not be made lightly.”

Since 1988 Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been under the military rule of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). The SPDC recently made the news when it moved its capital city to Pyinmana on the advice of the presidents astrologer. Myanmar also has all the fun stuff of any repressed nation; Ethnic cleansing, landmines, state sanctioned torture, slave labor and harsh censorship. The previous sentence could easily get me jailed in Myanmar and indeed at least one foreigner has.

As if this was off putting enough, Myanmar can tend to be difficult for foreign travelers. OFAC sanctions mean there are no banks or ATMS and transport is strictly controlled by the military.

Screen grab Destination3:Transdniester, Eastern Europe (map)

Alleged issues:
Shaky ceasefire in its civil war with Moldova.
Doesn’t technically exist

Quote from BBC News:

“The international community does not recognise its self-declared statehood, and the territory, which remains in a tense stand-off with Moldova, is often portrayed as a hotbed of crime”

Don’t bother looking this one up on the map. Nobody other than itself recognises Transdniester. When Moldova succeeded from the former USSR and looked to the west, the Transdniester region clung to the old soviet ways (It even has the hammer and sickle on its flag). This unfortunately resulted in the currently unresolved civil war leaving Transdniester to become an alleged mafia-run fiefdom able to survive thanks only to criminal profits and support from certain circles in Russia and Ukraine

Screen grab Destination 4:

Alleged issues:
Dictatorship, At least partly Radioactive

Quote from In your Pocket travel guides:

“Ah, Belarus! Stuck in the 1980s …ruled by a dictator with a cheesy moustache … 23% radioactive … what’s not to love?”

Ranked 151 out of 157 on the economic freedom index , this former soviet state has a reputation for being a repressed dictatorship. The general lack of freedom of expression as well as deaths and disappearances of opposition leaders doesn’t help this reputation either. Just to make the county more interesting, When The Chernobyl nuclear reactor in the Ukraine exploded in 1986, Belarus was the unfortunate victim of it’s fallout due the prevailing winds at the time. Around 60% of the radioactive fallout fell on Belarus. The Southern parts of the country are still contaminated to this day. As it is, it is those areas where I will be entering the country. The trusty Geiger counter will be coming out and will be especially needed for the next destination…..

Screen grab Destination 5:
Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Alleged issues:
Have you been living under a rock? It’s F#$@ing Radioactive!

In April of 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear power station suffered a meltdown pouring radioactive fallout on the surrounding areas, causing deaths from radiation sickness and later on, various cancers from radiation exposure. All this has also put a bit of a damper on the place as a travel destination. Regardless of the bad rap I’ll be traveling there to see if the nuclear boogie man is as bad as he is cracked up to be.
This is also the destination that gets the most “What the F@#$ are you thinking?” sort of reaction. With that in mind, there will probably be a number of other posts about this particular destination before and after I travel. I’ll also be carrying my trusty Geiger counter and ANSTO (the people who run the Lucus Heights Nuclear reactor) have been kind enough to test me for radioactive traces upon my return.

For anyone still reading, The entire flight Itinerary can be viewed here if you want to follow this really closely.
Any questions or comments?Картини

Where the hell has Carl been now?

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Rather kindly my work sent me to Hong Kong for a few days of training. Of course this is also my opertunity for at least a small adventure as a dry run for the next adventure in a few weeks time.

Here was the plan if you can call it that. 3 countries in 4 days. Travel from Hong Kong through China and into Vietnam with; no plans, no bookings, no guide books, not one word of local language, and as per my usual, no idea what the hell i’m doing.

Day 1 – Hong Kong

The usual array of tourist photos.

hk01.jpg hk02.jpg hk03.jpg
hk04.jpg hk05.jpg hk06.jpg


Day 2 – Guangzhou China

Other than aimlessly wandering the city i dint really do much. Did go this this Buddist temple though

guangzhou01.jpg guangzhou02.jpg guangzhou03.jpg
guangzhou04.jpg guangzhou05.jpg guangzhou06.jpg


Day 3 – Hanoi Vietnam

I recomend going to Hanoi to watch the traffic alone. Loads of family fun. At least the kid in the phot below seems to think so

hanoi01.jpg hanoi02.jpg

Tapas Night 06

Monday, July 24th, 2006

What follows is more drunken photo’s than you can poke a Flamenco dancer at:

tapas01.jpg tapas02.jpg tapas03.jpg
tapas04.jpg tapas05.jpg tapas06.jpg
tapas07.jpg tapas08.jpg tapas09.jpg
tapas10.jpg tapas11.jpg tapas12.jpg
tapas13.jpg tapas14.jpg tapas15.jpg
tapas16.jpg tapas17.jpg tapas18.jpg
tapas19.jpg tapas20.jpg tapas21.jpg
tapas22.jpg tapas23.jpg tapas24.jpg
tapas25.jpg tapas26.jpg tapas27.jpg
tapas28.jpg tapas29.jpg tapas30.jpg

Birthday Party Photos

Monday, July 17th, 2006


Thaks to all those who decided to re-enact last years heavy drinking effort.

 Drunken Photos follow.


carl31st01.jpg carl31st02.jpg carl31st03.jpg
carl31st04.jpg carl31st05.jpg carl31st06.jpg
carl31st07.jpg carl31st08.jpg carl31st09.jpg
carl31st10.jpg carl31st11.jpg carl31st12.jpg
carl31st13.jpg carl31st14.jpg carl31st15.jpg
carl31st16.jpg carl31st17.jpg carl31st18.jpg
carl31st19.jpg carl31st20.jpg


On a related note, I seemed to have had a few anonymous photographers who got triggerhappy taking pictures of bums.

Anyone who can gues the following Mystery bums wins a prize*

bum01.jpg bum02.jpg bum03.jpg

*Prizes may be really crappy or even non-existant


Christmas Party 05

Monday, November 28th, 2005

This ain’t good. Two posts of drunken parties in a row. Guess it is that time of year.
The rest of the pics (too many) are Here….

xmas05bofa05.jpg xmas05bofa07.jpg xmas05bofa26.jpg

Mary’s Birthday

Sunday, November 13th, 2005

The usual parade of semi-drunken photo’s follow.

marys21st01.jpg marys21st02.jpg marys21st03.jpg
marys21st04.jpg marys21st05.jpg marys21st06.jpg
marys21st07.jpg marys21st08.jpg marys21st09.jpg
marys21st10.jpg marys21st11.jpg

Happy Birthday Mary!

30th Birthday party photos

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Thanks to everyone who managed to come along to the Verandah and enjoy a few drinks

What follows is waaaaay too many drunken photos.

my30th01.jpg my30th02.jpg my30th03.jpg
my30th04.jpg my30th05.jpg my30th06.jpg
my30th07.jpg my30th08.jpg my30th09.jpg
my30th10.jpg my30th11.jpg my30th12.jpg
my30th13.jpg my30th14.jpg my30th15.jpg
my30th16.jpg my30th17.jpg my30th18.jpg
my30th19.jpg my30th20.jpg my30th21.jpg