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Where the hell has Carl been now?

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Rather kindly my work sent me to Hong Kong for a few days of training. Of course this is also my opertunity for at least a small adventure as a dry run for the next adventure in a few weeks time.

Here was the plan if you can call it that. 3 countries in 4 days. Travel from Hong Kong through China and into Vietnam with; no plans, no bookings, no guide books, not one word of local language, and as per my usual, no idea what the hell i’m doing.

Day 1 – Hong Kong

The usual array of tourist photos.

hk01.jpg hk02.jpg hk03.jpg
hk04.jpg hk05.jpg hk06.jpg


Day 2 – Guangzhou China

Other than aimlessly wandering the city i dint really do much. Did go this this Buddist temple though

guangzhou01.jpg guangzhou02.jpg guangzhou03.jpg
guangzhou04.jpg guangzhou05.jpg guangzhou06.jpg


Day 3 – Hanoi Vietnam

I recomend going to Hanoi to watch the traffic alone. Loads of family fun. At least the kid in the phot below seems to think so

hanoi01.jpg hanoi02.jpg