Back in one peice….again

Proof of life.

Suprising to some, I’m now back in Sydney alive and well. My potplants not so much.
For all those that worry about me, now is the time to stop. My appologies to those that had “Carl gets killed” at 2:1 odds.
Assuming I dont get excedinlg lazy this shouldn’t be the end of it. Over the next few weeks I’ll hopefully be posting video from this trip as well as other stuff i never got around to while in the thick of it.

2 Responses to “Back in one peice….again”

  1. Stella Says:

    Hi Carl,

    Very nice to hear that you’ve finally come back home ‘alive’, haha 🙂 You knew we all worried about you! God Blessed Carl +++(and of course all laughed at your ‘not-fully-trained-Taliban-to-be’ shooting scene, kekeke!!!)
    I will bring a can of FIJI beer to celebrate your safe return, specially brought from Fiji! I cooked myself too well done under the hot Fijian Sun while you were in danger, sorry mate! 😛

    C U Soon~

  2. Stephen Wright Says:

    Oh my god man, you are crazy! I stumbled across your web site while doing a bit of background research into chernobyl, and I can’t believe the places you’ve been!

    Well you seem absolutely crazy but seen many of the places I wish I had the balls to visit! Good on you man! keep safe!