Originally this site was just my personal dumping ground for travel photos and (more often) pic from drunken nights out plus any other random stuff i decided to post. It was originally just intended for a few friends and family.
That changed a few yeas ago when this site started to get some attention due my habit of traveling to some of the worlds more obscure or sometimes dangerous locations. Due to this I dropped all the personal stuff and it’s now solely an archive of odd adventures. The only legacy is it has my name on it CarlMontgomery.com instead of something like WhatSillyPlaceHasCarlBeenToNow.com (if you can think of a better domain name that isn’t taken contact me and I may register it.)
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The biggest question i get asked is “Why go to all these wacky/obscure/dangerous places?”
The short story is:
To quote myself “Most people travel to forget about their petty little problems for a while. I travel to be reminded my problems are indeed petty and small.” As soon as you adopt a travel philosophy such as this you are automatically obligated to hit some fairly nasty places.
The Longer story is:
I have for a long time found myself in the occasional dodgy situation (Argentina during the 2002 financial meldown and Venezulea around it’s Military coup are two good examples). However the turning point probably came in 2005 when I ran out of money while traveling Zimbabwe. Not long after that trip Forbes published it’s yearly Most dangerous destinations list, had Zimbabwe on it. Although from my experience of Zimbabwe i would agree it’s a shit hole, I would be reluctant to say it’s absurdly dangerous. This harsh critisim of the country lead me to ask the question “Where else has gotten a bad rap” which led me to the 2006 Ill-advised adventure, Chernobyl being the highlight. encouraged by that success, that lead me to the 2007 War-torn tour.
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As for the rest, I have a regular day job, save up, and hit the road once a year. Thus this site sits idle most of the time.
If you are some organisation that wants to pay me to do these things, contact me, I’d be happy to hear your ideas.